A Cryptocomedy adventure show

"Imagine Futurama meets Bitcoin, guided by enlightened monks."

The economy is changing rapidly. We are all watching with baited breath the future of currencies. What's going to happen? Will the US Dollar become obsolete? How big are the implications?

To some, this is an awakening experience. We get to see more options for our species and for the planet. More options always changes the game.

The ExpandCoin story is designed to break open our minds and hearts as the new economy comes online <3


The year is 2033. The world is now running much of its infrastructure on the blockchain. This includes personal growth, which runs on a system called ExpandCoin. 

This system actually rewards people to motivate their personal expansion.

In a combination of blockchain, futurism, comedy, and leadership development concepts - various characters go on journeys of Expansion, oftentimes coming up against their own limits and possibly even needing to sell off some of their coins to the highest bidder.

Imagine Futurama meets Bitcoin, guided by enlightened monks.



She's grounded and sassy, productive and strong, making things happen for the ExpandCoin universe. She works for the creators of ExpandCoin.
anti-money, Looking to get people self motivated so they don't need external resources. Charlotte's Ex.
QueenShe + Drunvalo, 
creators of ExpandCoin - the gamification of spirituality: They'd like to see people using it in the most effective way. Their life is quite eccentric, a bit like a reality show.
The highest ranking ExpandCoin user, constantly in the news for his ridiculous spiritual achievements

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CREATED and organized by True Participation

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Joshua Falcon-Grey

We believe that comedy is exactly the best thing we can deliver toward improving our economy

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ExpandCoin will be presented here on the ActivatorLIVE Edutainment platform.
ActivatorLIVE is an alternative to Netflix + the additional feature of initially livestreaming all content for free (paid members can re-watch it).
ActivatorLIVE content is mostly focused on psycho-emotional education and experiences designed to guide viewers toward a deeper understanding of themselves through watching and (for the high end tier) participation.
External licensing is possible for other platforms, available for discussion.

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