Cannabis: The most misunderstood plant on earth

First, let's describe a few common perspectives on cannabis

"Stoners": People who are addicted to, objectifying, misusing, and abusing cannabis

Authoritarians: Those who are afraid of getting in trouble, hesitant to break the law or even to break old laws which no longer exist (in certain locations). Affected by taboo.

Spiritual and Anti-Cannabis: Those who believe true spirituality means 'no substances'. Generally is a form of authoritarian taboo translated into the spiritual world. Of course, some people genuinely don't require it as part of their process.

Spiritual and Balanced Relationship: A balanced cannabis relationship is incredibly rare and is certainly not easy. It is a path of serious discipline and constant re-evaluation. When used effectively, cannabis can be extremely powerful for detoxing distortions in our energy fields. It's NOT automatic, requires highly concentrated focus, and can easily trick people into believing it's making effective progress (Insights and realizations are not necessarily progress).

This channel is focused on providing guidance for achieving a truly balanced relationship

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