The new GOLD standard in Energetic Clearing, Healing, and Deep Soul Activations

We give you access to DaoPlay sessions and expert, knowledgeable care and focus in unraveling your specific patterns. This is the ultimate Activation package for serious personal development seekers.

Facilitated by
Joshua Falcon-Grey

DaoPlay 1 on 1 Immersive Theater

*Each month you'll receive 2 x 90 minute highly customized DaoPlay 1 on 1 Immersive Theater experiences, recorded (at your option) via Zoom Video chat so you always revisit again. Each DaoPlay Session is like an episode of your very own TV show and has a high replay value to take the energy deeper each time.

Educational Foundation

*Each month you'll receive 2 x 90 minute personalized integration/energy reading/educational coaching sessions.

Full Time Access
*Because this is GOLD level service, Joshua provides ongoing unlimited coaching via voice messaging during the 3 month journey (via WhatsApp or another voice messaging system)

Results Oriented

*This is intended and designed to provide you with tangible life changes. We'll track your Progress from beginning to end.

Shatter the Old Ways

*You'll never be the same after this!

Sliding Scale
(based on what you can Offer):
$2,500-$5,000 for 3 Months

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