Benefits of an ActivatorLIVE Membership

Welcome, PrimalYES customer, to the new paradigm community of
Transformational Leadership Technology.

Are you ready to have your world split open in the most delicious way possible?

Our Core Values

Free of Dogma

↠ No beliefs, no fluff

↠ Results Oriented

Always Changing

↠ An ever Evolving Set of Tools

↠ An ever growing list of perspectives

You Matter

↠ Every member of the community has influence

↠ Many members will upgrade to become creators

Along with your eCourse, you'll also gain access to
Full Spectrum Activation Content


↠ Interviews

↠ PsychoSpiritual Frameworks


↠ Short Films

↠ Comedy


↠ Profound Ceremonial Experiences

↠ Somatic Training

Created by World Class Facilitators

↠ Coaches

↠ Filmmakers

↠ Shamanic Practitioners

↠ Comedians

↠ Wisdom Keepers

↠ Healers

Your Tribe Awaits: Experience our Transformational Focused Social Network

↠ Connect with People in Deep and Meaningful ways

↠ Groups, Friends, Chat - everything you expect and more

↠ Super High Quality Network (No fake profiles!) based on a low cost entry point

Members Also Receive Other Discounts
on Premium Offerings

↠ eCourses (such as this one)

↠ Live Events

↠ 1 on 1 Healing Experiences

Get PrimalYES Access Along with Your First Month of Membership

Both the ActivatorLIVE platform and the PrimalYES Cinematic eCourse launch January 1st 2019. You're about to secure ongoing access to the PrimalYES eCourse as long as you maintain your membership. On the next screen, you'll be purchasing the member's priced eCourse along with your first month of membership.
No Commitment: You may pause and resume membership access at anytime.