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October 27th, Helsinki, Finland


You're brilliant at the work you do, but selling just doesn't feel right.

You find yourself wishing someone else just handle that part for you.

Perhaps you feel you just aren't cut out for selling

You may even find yourself considering a different job just because you the hate selling part!

In this 6 hour workshop (+ 1 hour lunch break) we'll be experiencing:

Integral Branding and learning how branding relates to sales (You aren't selling only the product or the service, but also the voice of the brand).

Bonding with potential customers - creating intimate friendships and conversations while maintaining healthy boundaries

Using your weaknesses as strengths - moving toward the pain points instead of away from them can actually increase your bottom line

Become a walking testimonial - integrating your offerings into your lifestyle in an authentic way

It's time to unleash your brilliance - no more allowing this issue to slow you down!

€111 Payable by Credit Card, or Bank Transfer

Or LiveStream the Event from Anywhere via Zoom Video Chat.

€99 Payable by Credit Card, or Bank Transfer


Joshua Falcon-Grey is a self-realization activator - bringing powerful insights through a variety of mediums from filmmaking to stand up comedy, as well as 1 on 1 coaching and a variety of workshops. More about him can be found at

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