The Quantum Theater Presents: Unnatural Temptation Recording


We all have internal stories running the show – often creating drama and wreaking havoc on our lives. It can leave us feeling isolated, vulnerable, confused, all the things.

What if those internal stories are actually trying to help us, just in messed up ways?

What if we actually became friends with those parts and understood their motivations? And reclaimed the energy that drives them?

This situation can be called a lot of things. Trauma, co-dependency, low confidence, suffering, victimhood, etc.

Scarcity issues? Let’s find the character who feels safer when poor.

Self worth issues? Let’s find the character who is addicted to people pleasing.

We live in a deeply co-dependent society. As such, few understand the destructive tendencies they seem to ‘naturally’ gravitate toward.

Guess what: Self Destruction is Unnatural.

Unnatural Temptations have been normalized. Virtually every love song sings lyrics endorsing deeply unhealthy victim/savior dynamics.

It’s urgent that we reclaim these parts into our consciousness. The planet needs us vibrant and alive.

In this Immersive Theater experience, we used the DaoPlay Modality to Role Play as the characters within ourselves who are begging to be acknowledged, embodied, and accepted. And when it’s just too much for us to embody ourselves, we can also experience the blocks in our nervous system being channeled and embodied by others .

In DaoPlay, some are chosen as representatives of the collective, and others will assist in holding the space and witnessing. We moved big energy. Regardless of which role is played – everybody anchors a uniquely important perspective.

“Transformation requires Great Courage OR Great Playfulness”

​- Joshua Falcon-Grey

For attendees past and future, absolutely no Role Playing or acting experience is necessary, everyone is very respectfully guided for their own pace.

For many, the feeling when Role Playing may at first be interpreted as”inauthentic”. This is simply the nervous system resisting the power which is your birthright.

“True Authenticity is Effective”

​-Joshua Falcon-Grey


You’ll witness the energy leaks of Unnatural Temptations re-integrate into your system. It will be impossible for you not to notice such patterns in the future and you’ll have powerful tools to dig further as needed. Your new empowered lens will have the eye to spot co-dependent bullshit from a mile away at which point you can remain heart-centered as you slice through it.

DURATION: 3.5 Hours + Breaks


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