Channel Sponsorships

An incredible opportunity to officially support content on our platform!

What is this platform all about?

ActivatorLIVE is uniquely positioned to bring transformational education and experiential change to a hungry audience ready to invest in bettering their future.
Our original programming is geared toward Leadership Development, targeted specifically at movers and shakers willing to invest in themselves. This includes entrepreneurs, coaches, and other wellness oriented professionals.

How do Channel Sponsorships Work?

Our high quality original educational programming is designed to bring users back regularly and possibly even for repeat viewings. Channel sponsors are featured at various levels, such as pre-video, in-video, and within channel. Sponsors need not be in the wellness industry so long as the values align with the ActivatorLIVE brand.

What are the unique features of ActivatorLIVE?

*It's a transformational social network
*It's a live streaming browser based recordable webinar platform
*It's an original content platform featuring fictional content as well as one way and two way video trainings from world class Leadership guides

Sponsoring an ActivatorLIVE content channel is a potent way to get your message in front of an audience who may otherwise not be aware of your offerings. You get to choose at which level to participate from the options below. What makes sense for your business?


An Opportunity for For Growing Businesses to Support a Channel with 6 Other Sponsors




  • Your Logo and company description at the top of the channel you sponsor, along with a link to your website
  • One Monthly Channel Specific Mailing List Mention
  • Share A Channel with up to 6 Other Aligned Sponsors
  • Sponsored Community Group on Our Social Network
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An Opportunity For Thriving Businesses to be a Sole Supporter of a Channel (6 month commitment)




  • You Logo at beginning of sponsored channel videos (those which premiere during sponsorship period).. 
  • Special licensing permissions for providing branded content to your own mailing list audience
  • One Monthly Channel Specific Mailing List Mention
  • You are the sole sponsor of a channel (we collaborate to choose an existing one or create a new one)
  • Sponsored Community Group on Our Social Network
  • Company Name Featured on the Channel's Broadcast Schedule